Hardwood floor refinishing is a unique skill learned over time and gained only with experience in the field.  Yes you can rent machines.  But they will Not give you a top, or mid level product.  You could hire a handyman  "I can do it"...and end up with?..        Or .... work with a company who DOES FLOORS.  We use the highest quality machines, abrasives and finishes to give you showroom quality hardwood flooring.  Each floor will sand uniquely according to age, previous finishes, wood spices, and subfloor/installation conditions.  It takes a seasoned professional to adapt to each floor to keep your hardwood floor cost down and quality up. Charleston Treads has finished hundreds of floors since 1998.  You can expect and we guarantee the finest products in Charleston.

Whats the difference?  We use only the best finishes available..   Bona is a tested and proven floor finish system you would expect.  Considered the best of industry,  easy to touch up, easy to clean and looks great for years.  Professional use only.

For a sqft we will sand and finish your flooring.  This includes Labor and all materials needed to finish your flooring to the look you desire.   We will compete with other flooring companies bids.   contact us

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